“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

– Nietzsche

Founded in 2017, Repangaea represents musicians who share a common goal: deliver meaningful performance experiences for the citizen-audiophiles of tomorrow.

Musician and founder Max Schwartz named the company in honor Pangaea, a super-continent that existed eons before us. The symbolism of total geographic reunion presents the idea of a global utopia that is created not by continents far across the sea, but by them slowly drifting and then locking like a puzzle into tectonic harmony.

Music is much like a Pangaea of distinct domains that join in a seamless fashion. It is personal and cultural. It is academic and organic. It is technological and created from the earth. It is knowledge, theory, practice, and performance. It is language, science, math, and history. It is community. It is culture. It is beauty. It is sound.

Music is life itself.

As such, musicians concern themselves with all the connections their music makes with the world.

The poet and lyricist of the national anthem of Mayorca, Joan Alcover, was said to have had a shift of heart which guided him toward a “sense [that poetry] was no longer ingeniousness and the entertaining easy game, but a social involvement: he believed that poetry must have a resonance and that it must serve a useful purpose in the collective from which it drew its inspiration and whom it served.”

His relatives and their descendants emigrated to Cuba and then to the United States, leading down a long ancestral chain ending with a community-oriented musician who holds his ancestor’s beliefs about poetry to hold true about music.

Repangaea represents artists who feel this in their core.