Our roster cares deeply about and excels at providing high-quality live music performances. This requires consideration of the needs of all those who experience them: the artists, the audience, the venue staff, etc. In order to help our artists deliver everyone’s audio fix during the gig, we focus on them.

When we represent artists, we consider different definitions of fair pay for musicians. We consider a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • What the artists have made before
  • Notoriety/Resumé
  • Venue culture/practice for paying musicians
  • Median national wages

Additionally, artists spend many unpaid hours rehearsing, recording, emailing, practicing, and operating in an unorthodox pattern of late night gigs, early lobby calls, and getting accustomed to new timezones. Similar to pro sports in terms of demands, and much less like them in terms of the payoff.

However, we support the right for all artists to try and earn a living wage as performers if it suits them because we understand the unique perspective being a musician offers on life, and that is a beautiful opportunity that cannot be ignored if it may be in reach. We are and we get musicians.

Most audience members that are consistent patrons of the arts have no problem paying for concert tickets. And, they tend to be ideal audience members — engaged, appreciative, and having a good time. We know that higher asking prices translate to higher ticket prices for concertgoers, so we carefully consider what is both affordable and worthwhile for the audience and artist alike.

In order to support each other in a community, we must engage, spiritually and sometimes financially, with it, so that we can contribute to the community where we feel a part of something. And something we can all agree on; music is powerful. It can change hearts and minds, deliver a message, recount history, tell of a problem and a solution, or guide thrill-seekers through the peaks and valleys of an adventure. Given all of this, we see music is a thing of great value. And we’ll work to help make that known to more and more members of the great global music community.